Episode 20

In Episode 20, the crew takes a detailed look at Tribes of Europa, Netflix original set in post-apocalyptic Europe, where life is defined by wars among microstates. In this world, set in 2074, three siblings fight for survival as a greater, unseen threat looms over the continent.

Amy, Diego and Damon were all engaged and intrigued with this show and they delve, in depth, into each episode and the questions that were raised along the way.
This well-scripted, well-cast, and well-filmed series raises questions along the lines of: 1)How quickly would society devolve if the apocalypse came in a way that did not kill humans, but instead left them to their own devices, 2)How humans separate themselves and what their motivations are for action and 3)Are there human(oid)s waiting out there, above or below us, for their moment to appear?

Each episode moved the story along at a solid pace, and main and secondary characters are developed in a way that creates buy in, as well as a desire to stay tuned into follow their arc.
While Amy and Diego enjoyed Kiano’s story the best, Damon found Elja’s story to be the most compelling. Yet, the entire crew agrees that this is a solid story that people who enjoyed The 100 or dystopian stories, in general, will definitely appreciate.

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