Meet The HOSTS

They watch a lot of Netflix



Amy’s Netflix tastes span the spectrum. From horror (Haunting of Hill House) to superhero (Umbrella Academy) to teen (Alexa and Katie) to brain candy romance (Holiday in the Wild), Amy just wants to be entertained. 



Diego will pretty much dive into any show recommended by friends. However, if he had to pick his Netflix favorites it would have to be superhero related (Raising Dion), sci-fi (Stranger Things), and documentaries (Tiger King). Low key, he will also get sucked into a reality tv show here and then. He believes in the 3 episode theory and will give most shows 3 episodes before deciding if he can finish it or give up on it for another show on his list.



Loves animated shows, but also willing to try thrillers. Really his interests lie in Science Fiction and Fantasy so Netflix shows like Kipo And The Age Of Wonderbeasts and Stranger Things fit the bill. On the other end of the spectrum On My Block is a huge winner.

From Our Listeners

Here is what they had to say about Boomtron Podcast, covering Netflix Original series and movies

Lots of choices on Netflix these days, So what better way to decide than to listen to these two entertaining guys. Light and easy listening about a subscription that almost everyone has access to. Fabulous interaction among the 2. Definitely looking forward to the next podcast so I can decide what my next binge session will be on.


These guys are authentic and enjoy a different range of content which makes this an easy and fun listen. They discuss some content that is new and it’s like overhearing a conversation that you’d like to jump in on, rather than listening to an over-produced broadcast. I’m putting this this on my auto-downloads going forward. Good stuff.


Feels like hangin with friends while listening. Great chemistry between the cast – will definitely be listening again and again