Episode 23 – The Irregulars On Netflix

In Episode 23, the Boomtron Crew examines The Irregulars, starring Harrison Osterfield, Darci Shaw, and Thaddea Graham, where a group of homeless orphans band together to help save the world with the help (and hindrance) of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Amy and Diego were all in on The Irregulars, while Damon was intrigued by the premise, but let down by the execution of the storyline.

The biggest let down, in Damon’s eyes, was the fact that it became evident very early on that Jessi was going to be the person in the group that solved each mystery. While everyone in the crew had their role to play (with the exception of the underused character of Spike), Jessi was the only character who had supernatural powers, and those powers were the key to unlocking what was happening with all of the “villains” in each episode.

Amy’s biggest sticking point on the show was that she felt it could have been a stronger storyline if, throughout the series, every member of the group developed powers. It would have balanced the group dynamic, as opposed to leaving different characters feeling weak and unimportant. While that unbalance may have led to some of the people finding their un-supernatural strengths, it felt off kilter to not share the super power wealth.

However, each episode in the series introduced a new mystery that was able to stand alone, but that also led the audience closer and closer to understanding the larger intrigue, which was a physical rip in reality that led to another dimension. The crew was interested in the character of Sherlock Holmes and how he was portrayed, as opposed to the representation of Holmes in other popular interpretations of his story. Also of interest to the crew was the sketchy nature of John Watson and his vacillation between villain and hero throughout the series.
Overall, Diego and Amy gave the series a thumbs up, while Damon was more of a thumbs to the side. Diego and Amy are both in for a second season, however, are hopeful that it won’t be a repeat of the same storyline, simply using the son of the Linen Man, who was the major villain in this first season.

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