Episode 21

In Episode 21, the crew takes a long look at Moxie, a Netflix original directed and produced by Amy Poehler which examines the struggle of a teenage girl to acknowledge and confront the toxic masculinity that is being spread at her high school. Moxie is based on the book of the same name by Jennifer Mathieu.

Amy, Diego, and Damon all found Moxie, starring Hadley Robinson, to be a solid representation of high school and the testosterone-filled atmosphere that can dominate a school. They discussed the film in three sections, according to the development of the story.

The story was well-scripted, well-cast, and also true enough to life that viewers, particularly teenage girls, will likely find that it resonates with their own observations or experiences. This was a film where the protagonists were noble and strong, but also sometimes struggled with the right course of action, but where the antagonists were just flat out bad. The crew was happy to see that the movie didn’t try to justify the bad behavior of the bad guys, nor did it try to explain it away with a sympathetic backstory. Because, in the end, there was no excuse for the way the main villain behaved.

Moxie is a two-thumbs up movie from the Boomtron Crew for tackling a tough issue in a powerful way.

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