Episode 19

In Episode 19, the crew takes a detailed look at Firefly Lane, a Netflix adaptation of the best-selling novel by Kristin Hannnah.

Right from the beginning, Amy gives the disclaimer that this Netflix series is nothing like the book, and as a result, often wound up confusing, at best. Then Amy leads the discussion through each episode, illuminating what is from the novel, and what has been modified, and what has been completely added to the show and not represented, at all, in the book.

While the novel is a beautiful, chronological story about a lifelong friendship, as well as an intimate character study of two women who grew up in the 70’s, made their careers in the 80’s and then continued throughout their lives, the Boomtron Crew felt that the series took viewers on a disjointed, out of order traipse through minor events in the characters lives. These events were presented in such a way that often, there was no suspense or tension in any scene because they had already gotten ahead of themselves. by showing viewers what the outcome was.

The music and the acting was spot on, but the presentation of the storyline often left viewers wondering “What just happened?” but not in a way that caused any curiosity or intrigue about what would happen next. The show didn’t hit its stride until episode 9, when it had its first scene that departed from the book, but did so beautifully, as one of the main characters struggles with the very real emotional aftermath of a miscarraige.

ln the end, Amy, Damon, and Diego will be tuning in to see what happens in season 2, but they are all hopeful that the second season smooths out the rough edges and loses much of the back and forth between present and past.

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