Episode 18

In Episode 18, the Boomtron cast welcomes Ella Anders, an expert on the Winx Club franchise to help bridge the gap between the original Winx Club cartoons, the various other iterations of the show, and the latest Netflix offering, Fate: The Winx Saga.

Right from the start, Ella shared the controversy over the Winx club over the years. It appears that the first iteration of Winx Club attracted a strong fan base and following, but eventually, after a few seasons, the show was purchased by another company which modified the storyline and characters in order to attract a younger audience. it strayed so far from the original, that loyal fans were upset and left the following.

This reimagining by Nickolodeon is an appeal to the older, original fan base. Unfortunately, as Ella shares in this episode, it falls short of the mark and is just too different to be considered similar to the origins of Winx.

As the crew examines the show, episode by episode, it becomes clear that the show is divisive among viewers. Damon was a fan throughout, Amy took longer to warm up to it, but by episode 5 was in, Diego rode the fence for all six episodes, and Ella just couldn’t buy in.

In the end, the show receives thumbs up from Amy and Damon, one thumb up and one thumb down from Diego, and a sad face emoji combined with a thumbs down from Ella.
from Ella.